Field of view?

Hello everyone, is there a way to regulate the field of view in Rhino or by script?
Here is example from 3ds Max:

You can zoom the Rhino lens by the command ZoomLens, or Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Right mouse button. You can turn the camera on to see this with the Camera command (F6 by default if I am not mistaken). You can also set a lens length for the viewport by using viewportProperties.

If you want explicit control over the field of view (type in an exact number), that would need a script.

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Hi Sam, I wanted to test an architecture scene from 3ds Max in Rhino, applying the same parameters, and i solved the problem with the numeric camera location, target and lens. Found also your very nice script and toolbar:

It may be controlled by the rendering engine.
Here is the focal blur for Rhino Render: