Fibonacci pinecone ellipsoid generate failed


Hi all,
I used chatGPT to write a script to create an actual pinecone volume like the pictures shown. However, it didn’t run successfully.
The script is:

import math
import Rhino.Geometry as rg

# Parameters
num_spirals = 5  # Number of spirals (layers) in the pinecone
num_points_per_spiral = 40  # Number of points per spiral
cone_height = 0.2  # Height of each cone
base_radius = 1.0  # Base radius of the cone
rotation_angle = 137.5  # Angle for rotating cones

# Initialize lists to store cones
cones = [ ]

for i in range(num_spirals):
    for j in range(num_points_per_spiral):
        angle = math.radians(j * rotation_angle)
        radius = base_radius - (i * base_radius / num_spirals)
        x = radius * math.cos(angle)
        y = radius * math.sin(angle)
        z = i * cone_height

        center = rg.Point3d(x, y, z)
        circle = rg.Circle(center, base_radius * (1 - i / num_spirals))
        cone_base = rg.Plane(center, rg.Vector3d.ZAxis)
        cone = rg.Cone(cone_base, cone_height)

        transformation = rg.Transform.Rotation(angle, rg.Vector3d.ZAxis, center)


# Output cones to Grasshopper
a = cones

what grasshopper said:
Runtime error (ArgumentTypeException): CreateInstance() takes at most 3 arguments (2 given)

line 25, in script

I highlighted the problematic line: cone = rg.Cone(cone_base, cone_height)
Thanks a lot.

You should go back to ChatGPT and tell it that it made a mistake with cone - it will probably be able to fix it.

FYI, Cone needs 3 inputs - plane, height and RADIUS. You are missing the last one.

Thankd for replying.
I asked chaGPT to fix several times it still didn’t work. Plus there’s already a base_radius so I’m not sure why it didn’'t go through