Fence not rendering in raytraced and disappears after exploding

I am trying LandsDesign have built a few fences, in Rhino7.

  1. the fences don’t seem to render in raytraced mode. Is this expected?

  2. Although they seem to be in a certain layer they cannot be selected or get duplicated by layer. Is this expected?

  3. When exploded the whole geometry simply disappears. Is this expected? (I think I have done this is another test, where we the blocks components remained).

I opened the model in Rhino 8 and:

  1. All fences appear exploded in to their block components. Is this expected?

  2. Some fences that have been moved and changed in Rhino 7 are on their original position. This is certainly not expected.

  3. Some fences that were copied in Rhino 7 do not simply do not appear in Rhino 8.

  4. The fences do render in Raytraced mode but some surprising fences appear. These are not visible in the other display modes. I believe these may be one that I have exploded in Rhino 7.

Can you please see if this is expected?

I was considering buying the license, but suddenly I have a lot of doubts creeping in?

Is there anyone with extended experience in using it?
Thanks, N

No, it is not expected to work that way. Let us take a look into it. I’ll return back to you when I have more info. Thanks for reporting it.