Fence along the line

Tell me how to make a fence along a line that does not lie on the same plane?
Thank you

fence.3dm (299.5 KB)

This model narrows down a myriad of possible results to a few that are perhaps meaningful? It leaves unresolved the most important issue, however, which is how to have the fence conform to the terrain? Should each post follow terrain as well? In that case, you want only one post at each vertex, not two.

Fence along the line_2022Nov24a.gh (11.2 KB)

You are right, the fence line lies on the terrain
fence.3dm (310.9 KB)

So the model of fence section needs to be more complex. As originally shown, the posts at each end of each section are square with the fence railing but if you have only one post instead of two, each post must be oriented to split the angular difference.

how to do it?

Fence along the line(based on Joseph_Oster’ solution).gh (64.8 KB)

I changed the @Joseph_Oster solution above a little bit in order to reduce the overlapping problem.
The last piece can be toggled off because I guess it might needs special attention.

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Modelling a styled fence post and rail system on given terrain has several decisions to make and “own” (be able to modify). What will you do?

Fence along the line_2022Nov24b.gh (53.6 KB)

P.S. All geometry is internalized.

Fence along the line_2022Nov24c.gh (56.1 KB)

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