Feedback Rhino 7 WIP Beta - Quitting Program leads to frozen Macintosh

Hi @curtisw,

it comes to this problem quit often, so I think it could be good to tell you about: When I have opened several different grasshopper tabs and start to quit Rhino it asks for saving GH Files. At this new windows that asks for saving GH files I can not select anything, because my Macintosh starts freezing. When it comes to a frozen Macintosh because of single programs, I use force quit the program but this is not possible with rhino 7 WIP Beta. I can not even shutting down my pc, because rhino is blocking it. I hope that you can reproduce the error and fix it.

Does this happen also with some very simple, unsaved GH definitions open? I tried with 3 unsaved GH documents, but quiting Rhino nicely pops up the unsaved GH definitions dialog from which I can save no problem.

10.15.7 + 7.0.20273.20004

Yes they are very simple. The freezing arrived when trying to select anything in unsaved GH definitions dialog. I already tried to reinstall the newest WIP Beta but does not make any difference.