Feedback Rhino 7 WIP Beta - Component Names, Group Names Editing with Shortcuts

Hi @curtisw ,

just have another thing for improvement in Rhino 7 WIP Beta. I can not use the standard shortcuts for Macintosh (Command + X, Command + C, Command + V) inside the name editing bar of groups and components at the right click pop up menu. It would be so nice to be a able to use them for much better efficiency. It was possible to to that with win7 at Rhino 6.

I have to add that it is not even possible inside “scribble properties”

Hello @curtisw and @stevebaer. Did you guys noticed my feedback?

Copy and paste of text seems to be working for me when I test inside of a scribble.

You are right, Copy and Paste Function Shortcut is working. Command + A (Select All) is not working.
But it is still not working for any other text field I mentioned in my topic description.