[Feedback Idea] Asynchronous Coroutine for Auto Save option

Auto Save is often saving for security reasons. But it stops my work, especially for big data. I’m using SSD and not so often saves but still, it stop my work. I wish the autosave option is done separately so that I do not notice that is done in the background.

Hi Alan,

Similar request was posted a while ago:

It didn’t seem to generate much interest from RMA side right away but there was some good explanations and discussions - take a look at that one.

For me it seems like this could the one of the “lowest hanging fruits” when it comes to work time and focus savings for virtually every Rhino user, no matter what kind of work they do. Not waiting for AutoSave and Save should become a standard in modern-day software.

thanks for adding your voice to the discussion.


It was pretty well explained what the issue is, it’s not “low hanging fruit” in terms of work at all, and requires maybe rethinking some pretty basic stuff about how the core of the product works and what a Rhino file is. What do you want to happen when you change the model in the middle of saving it? I know that some Adobe products have such a feature, but they’re not generally shining models of anything but bloat so I don’t know if anyone else would want to do what they did.


I refer to it as “low hanging fruit” in terms of unquestionable gain it time savings for every singe Rhino user and something that is a visible and big improvement of how you interface with the software and retain your work focus and seamless interaction. I am not saying that it is easy to implement as this is beyond my knowledge.

As of what would happen if we change the model after? Simple: the state that is saved is the one at the very moment you press Ctrl+S, or AutoSave kicks in. I imagine the software creates some sort of memory dump then and handles converting your current project state into the 3dm format in the background. I would not think that it is easier to accomplish for Adobe and Photoshop files and not Rhino because Adobe files are just bloat and Rhino has complex 3D data. That should not be that relevant - Photoshop files can get very complex, with 100’s of layers, vector masks, text, etc. - it’s not just a simple big photo, so let’s not use the type of software as an excuse of why Rhino could not handle this in future.

Would you say it would help your work if you didn’t have to wait at each save and autosave?


Probably is necessary some kind of a ram clone snapshot before saving. Is autosave making a small save? A small save option in autosave can help to improve speed.