Features missing from Mac version

Below I have listed three features that are present in Rhino Windows but not Rhino Mac:

Change case in text options
I can switch between ALL CAPS, lowercase, etc. on Windows (buttons marked in the screenshot below), but not on Mac.

Select multiple blocks in Block Manager
On Windows, you can use the Shift key to select multiple blocks, which is very useful for when you want to clean up the model and delete all blocks. On Macs, you can select only one block at a time. Also, on Windows, all the block commands are listed as buttons directly in the Block Manager. But on Macs, you have to press the gear button first, and only then find all the commands. This makes working with multiple blocks even more uncomfortable.

PrintDisplay with multiple files
If I have multiple Rhino files opened on Mac and I enable PrintDisplay in them, the PrintDisplay is only displayed in the last file I enabled it on. When I switch Rhino windows, PrintDisplay gets automatically disabled on all other opened files. I made a screen recording here.

This problem does not happen on Windows. If I am working on three Rhino files at the same time and I switch PrintDisplay in two of them, they remain enabled when I switch between the files.

Can these differences be resolved? Thank you.