Feature suggestion

currently, when you drag an object from one view to another it maintains it’s orientation., it would be useful if you could hold down the ALT key when dragging and have the view be the same, in other words, it would rotate in the CAD environment but not to the operator’s eye. Hope that makes sense.

I guess it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me… First, dragging an object simply moves it in your coordinate space, it has nothing to do with views - I don’t know how you “drag” an object from one view to to another. Views are independent of geometry, they are simply different viewpoints to look at it.

You might want to look at RemapCPlane which might do what you are interested in doing if I understood correctly.

The remapCplane does do something similar to what I’m suggesting and maybe i should use that term in my description. So if you drag an item from front view to top view for instance and you want it to remapCplane it would be less key strokes if holding down the alt key during the drag process would accomplish that.