Feature Suggestion - Multiple File Export

(Rafalmeckovski) #1

For Developers,
I am curious if you are considering adding a feature for multiple file (including text file) export in ShapeDiver browser. This would be very usefull for companies that are using nesting cnc´s for panel processing that have panel labeling capabilities. In many systems in order to synchronise nested panels with label information nesting needs to be done in their native software and that means that each part (file) must contain both gcode and data for labels. This is essentially how any cabinet making software exports files - one file per part.

In addition with custom text file extensions like .hop .cid .cix .mpr .tcn and others (which are basically text files) it would unlock a possibility to directly send files to any proprietary nesting softwares which means that many hard furniture making companies could skip their furniture software and go almost directly to manufacturing.

Thanks in advance for your response

(Mathieu Huard) #2

Exporting multiple files is on the roadmap and will probably be implemented some time this year. Just as an early poll about this feature, how many files would you typically need for the type of projects you would use ShapeDiver for?

About the text file extensions, at the moment there are no plans to add more, because it would quickly get out of control. If you are using the API to request the file export, the extension can then be changed programmatically as well without too much trouble before the file is sent to manufacturing.

(Rafalmeckovski) #3

I would say that up to a 1000 files should cover most of the projects involving panel processing.

(Mathieu Huard) #4

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll let you know when we work on this feature.

(DDC) #5

I would like to suggest exporting in .obj file as well as pdf. Those formats are standard in many industries and applications.

(Mathieu Huard) #6

We are planning to add several formats for importing and exporting soon (see also this topic). We’ll make sure to add obj as an available export format for meshes.

We are still reviewing whether exporting pdf makes sense, and how this feature would look like. This will take more time.