Feature Suggestion: Auto-scaling Hatches

Hatches which display at the same scale in layout regardless of the detail view scale would be handy in the same way that text which auto-scales is. Maybe more so because objects’ section hatch properties can only be set to one scale and one layer.


Thank you. I presume your request so that you can have consistent drawing at different scales?
Added a feature request…

Yes. Perhaps as an option, as with text scaling.

Have you tried this option?

Wow! That’s an amazingly fast incorpration of a feature request! Well done! :wink: Thankyou.

Is that a setting assignable to a particular hatch (which I seek) or a global setting for all hatches (which is still useful but a less versatile arrangement.)

It is a global setting for a given document

Here is a little more detail on the Hatch Scale option that Steve posted.
I have also attached a model for you to test drive.
hatch_101.3dm (72.3 KB)

This what the attach model looks like with hatch scale disabled:

In Options -> Hatch -> Enable Hatch Scale.

All the hatch objects will look consistent in details of differing scales:

Hope this helps.
Mary Ann Fugier

Yes, that’s what I’m looking to accomplish with most hatches. (Some it would sometimes be good to leave as scaling with the view, but it’s okay.)