[Feature] Selecting an off layer shows temporally 3D content objects so that you can inspect them in a simple fast way

Just an idea for developers.
A layer that has the lamp OFF, the content is hiding. Sometimes having a complex project, I do not remember what there is in it. It can be helpful, if we select the layer, in the case is off, it turns it on temporally so that you can be inspected. Now that the 3d editor is much faster, can be a nice feature that can be turned on as optional in document properties.

Edit > hovering only over the lap

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how do you see this working specifically? a pop up preview? the data flashes in the modeling window? preview icons ion the layer pallet?

Yes, why not!

When you hover over the layer, after let say 2 seconds the inspector pops up. And at that point moving the mouse over other layers the image following the mouse switch mesh preview content.

Ps: is more important fixing bugs first!

Keyshot has such a preview for every layer. No matter if the layer is on or off, locked or unlocked.

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Similar approach is also used in Zbrush.
[here with a translucent background]


It would be nice of there is an option to choose whether the preview is (a) turned off, (b) showing only wireframe, or © in shaded mode (though that may cause a temporary freezing during the calculation of the rendering mesh).
Also, I think that howering two seconds over the layer’s name is a too short period of time. Many times layers need to be renamed or expanded or moved. A po-up preview that shows up too soon may seem a bit distracting in such cases. Maybe 3-4 seconds delay is a good compromise.


Yep . I was thinking that also can be limited on size. For example hovering only over the layer on off lap

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Z-Brush seems to have no delay.

Transparent background doesn’t look nice, could even be problematic with dark objects…

I was merely posting another example of layers thumbnail system. [Keeping in mind that Zbrush UI is so very different then Rhino + it being optimised for use with a pen not a mouse. ]

regarding the delay, I would think it is best to give the user a slider to control that, + perhaps it will be good that the popup is only linked to a certain portion of the layer row of functions [perhaps the Light bulb part] so it doesn’t popup all the time when renaming / reordering and so on…?.

Just to mention that there’s a related thread running just now on greying out empty layers and listing content.


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the screenshot can be done in a second thread?

It can be done in a second thread when the user hide the layer. At that point, in a second thread, Rhino isolate objects that are in that layer and make a capture with a second camera.