Feature Requests: User Interface

  1. In the SetPt command dialog boxes, I wish there were some way to set the checks using the keyboard.

  2. When changing the layer when objects are selected on multiple layers, I wish the layer drop down would treat them as being int eh closest common layer rather than the top.

If I have, say 50 layers, and within that structure I have
Layer 1

Layer 50
Layer 51
Layer 51.1
Layer 51.2

and I select objects on layers 51.1 and 51.2, I would prefer the layer selection dropdown to go to Layer 51 rather than having to search starting at Layer 1.

I Windows Rhino this is possible with combinations of tab, arrow and spacebar keys - although not extremely intuitive as the X, Y and Z are checkboxes (Tab/Spacebar to toggle) and the World/CPlane radio buttons are a toggle (Tab/Arrow)…

I thought I mentioned this feature request before but let me add it in case I forgot.

I wish that clicking the layer visible buttons would make the layer visible even if there are parent layers are tare nit visible. You can somewhat do this if you click to make the layer the active layer. It would be nice to be able to make a layer visible without making it active.