Feature Requests: modify shape & unselect current selections


Thank you great tool. RI makes Revit Life much easier!
Two feature requests:

(1) Can RI modify the sketch shape? like Shape of Floor?

(2) please add component, which do “unselect all”
with current component “select elements” I can make new selection, but can’t unselect all easily.

or please let the component “reset selection”


It looks like there beta versions, but nothing in the revit api as of yet.

How would that be different than the Boolean Toggle?

You can also Add Selection Filter

Hello Japhy,

thank you for quick reply!

(1) about shape adjusting.
It seems there is some API in Revit, that can adjust shape of sketch.
please see the two links below.

(2) well I know, I can select/unselect for the “given” Elements. In your example “graphical elements”
What I need is, “unselect all” or “reset selection”, if there are in Revit already selected elements, but which are not fed in RI.

I wrote a clash check script with RI, but I need to always manuelly reset the selection in revit, before I check the next pair of elements…

Best regards,