Feature Request

I would like to have a (non-sticky) button within any tool that performs a function that is related to shape altering. Let me be clear: I don’t mean functions like Scale 2D, or rotate. I mean functions that if you use them are very hard to undo… such as chamfer, fillet, boolean union, and the sort.

What is this button/feature? Earmark. When I apply a chamfer to a complex edge, I want to enable the earmark option for that action as editable later on. The chamfer and bevel functions are the main reasons for this new feature request. Far too often I need to apply a chamfer or a bevel, only to later undo that decision in a time consuming session. Is there such a thing already? I’ve no found it.

Hi Ken - it is there but quite limited in FilletEdge/BlendEdge/ChamferEdge which have the ‘Edit’ command line option - an object that has been filleted with FilletEdge can have the last run of the command, so to speak, edited. If the object has been fillted more than once, it gets a little more dicey.