Feature request: Surface Intersection Osnap

Especially when drawing or extending curves during construction as with Dynamic Extend

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Please I beg to implement in V8 the both +++ osnap tools
“Intersect curves / surface”
“Intersect surface / surface”

Not only useful for extending / trimming purpose
(As in SU I abandoned recently)

osnap doc

OnPolysurface (OnPSrf & POnPSrf)
You need
to Ctr+click on osnap setting to activate ( POnPSrf ) P for Persistent
Or, better open and keep the Osnap panel opened

even with

  • smart track enabled, “smartraking” both ends of the intersecting line
  • then using POnPSrf
    Rhino won’t find the intersection point between line and surface

The only solution is to use _Intersect command before…