Feature request: SubD view options in Pen / Artistic / Technical view


It would be great if we can have SubD wires, creases, boundaries and reflection view option available in Pen / Artistic / Technical view as well
Currently seems only available in Rendered/ shaded and artic view.



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nice catch- thanks! will write it up-


Thanks Kyle!

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Hi @weloverhino, (@theoutside)

This one doesn’t make any sense to me. Technical mode displays a specific set of “features”, which are really effects. It does not display physical geometry specific features. You can’t view mesh edges, isocurves, surface edges, tangent edges, etc…etc… either.

So… I must not be understanding what’s being asked here or why. What is it you’re not able to see with SubD objects in technical modes that you are able to see with other non-SubD objects in technical modes? If the answer is nothing, then I’m afraid what you’re really asking for is something specific and special only to SubD objects, which means it’s probably not going to happen.

As for the SubD Reflections request, that too is just a display feature specific to SubD objects…and only when working in a Shaded/Rendered type of view. What exactly do you expect to see in a technical mode with regards to SubD Reflections?

Maybe a mocked up example of what it is you want vs. what it is you’re currently getting.



Well why wouldn’t the same set of visual features that are available for rendered / shaded view not be available for any other display options?
What is the logic behind that?

Why I want this feature specifically? Because I often use the pen / artistic & Technical view screenshots to discuss with clients. And I would like to be able to have more control on what is visible in my views. I don’t see how that would not make sense.

@jeff Thoughts?