Feature Request (Small): Add Minimize Control to Render Viewport Progress Indicator

Within the context that rending a viewport to a file is already a generous bit of kit…

It would be handy to have a minimize control on the Viewport rending Progress bar, so that users may do other things, in the meantime.


Thank you for your consideration.

[A small thing like this is compounded by the fact that–the Microsoft Windows user interface doesn’t really support multitasking well. LOL! In many applications when you minimize programs and bring others to the front, your minimized ones come back up. LOL! They will fix it in the Windows 98 version–no wait, that didn’t happen. No, no Windows 2000–no, Windows Me-err Windows 8, no 9–there is no 9. Window 10…there are still issues like that. Sigh. The minimize-all taskbar button doesn’t really minimize all does it?]