Feature Request: pls get back to the old 'Hold-ALT to copy' behaviour

this is similar in all other applications like Adobe CC, and interferes when switching between applications. there never was a need and it’s feeling awkward and you never figure out what is wrong, when you don’t know, that something changed from Version 4 to 5. make it intuitive/self-explaining again and never change features without any purpose. this is counterproductive IMHO

There was actually, and that’s why it was changed from V4 to V5. Holding down Alt interferes with a number of new features in V5 including Gumball and Sub-object selection.

The main problem here is that tapping Alt once isn’t reliable - sometimes you need to tap it multiple times for the “+” to show up - which is a bug nobody has been able to fix up to now…


yeah, i made a similar post last year… to me, it does seem as if a few more milliseconds have been added to what constitutes a tap because now, i have consciously try/over-hold to get the + to fail…

that aside- now that you’ve made a post about it, you won’t forget that it’s a tap instead of press&hold… the process of complaining has ingrained it in your brain.
at least, that’s how it panned out for me :wink:

Hi Hannes- this was changed in V5 because V5 allows OSnaps on dragging, which V4 did not, and holding Alt needed to be free to suspend OSnaps as usual in this new context.

A very quick tap of Alt is the most reliable way to get the + for dragging objects,


Thanks for the inside Pascal! Now I understand. Maybe McNeel could consider to have a switch off option in options…

Yes, please. I have way too many cases where copy accidentally gets activated when moving the camera around to get in position for a rotate.