Feature Request: Place a string components at once from the search bar

Just wanted to throw a quick feature request out there. (or maybe there is a plugin that does this?)

Would there be potential to allow the canvas search bar to place a string of components at once? I frequently find myself in situations where I know the next set of components that need to be placed on the canvas so it would be incredibly helpful to just be able to search and place those components all at once.

As an example:

Currently, if I want to move an object I need to [Spacebar, Search for Slider, Enter, Spacebar, search for Unit Z, Enter, Spacebar, search for Move, Enter]

If however, the search bar could place multiple components where you separate them in the search with a comma or some sort of separator, the flow would be [Spacebar,Search for slider, Search for Unit Z, Search for Move, Enter].

I know a normal response may be to just use python, but it seems like something like this could hugely increase the efficiency of scripting in GH.



and also, to speed up:

I agree that this should be natively, and even, as data type/parameter, to use processes as component input.

There is mechanism for this for the panels. If you hold Shift while clicking on the object icons you’ll populate a mouse-linked panel which collects consecutive components. Something similar could be done to the search bar as well.

It won’t happen though for GH1. Only fairly critical bug fixes (and, at the moment, Sub-D stuff) is going into GH1. Way, way back I also toyed with voice input… fairly mixed results back then, but I’d like to try again for GH2:

Thanks for the reply David! I think that component aggregate feature is basically what I was imagining just applied to the search bar. For now I will use that.

Voice input would be wild!

I pretty frequently use MetaHopper, The only thing is that much of this isn’t necessarily for repeating components and snippets as much as it is just increasing overall efficiency. I haven’t tried the axon widget just yet , but It seems like it could be promising. Ill give it a shot! Thanks.