Feature Request: Node Origin Identification in Grasshopper

Grasshopper’s extensive node collection, can be daunting to navigate.
Once a node is on the canvas, I don’t believe it is possible to trace it’s origin, impacting workflow and learning curves. If it is possible already, then I’d perhaps argue it’s not intuitive.

A right-click option on nodes to reveal their origin (plugin and/or category) would be a practical solution (Show/select node in palette). Even having the Plugin name and/or category present when click the contextual Help button would assist.

This feature would streamline the design process and make it easier for users to understand the source and functionality of their tools, enhancing the Grasshopper experience.

Hi, in windows there is ctrl-alt-left click on a component does this. i guess in mac it’s cmd+alt+leftclick


That’s amazing!
Whilst the above request ability would still be useful, your suggestion will assist me 100%

Thank you!

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