Feature Request: Match


If would be nice if MATCH allowed you to match a curve to a point (match position).

(John Brock) #2

How would that be different from moving the end control point of a curve?


Doing large numbers of them quickly.

(John Brock) #4

How do you envision that working?
What’s faster than dragging one point to another specific place?

I’m just trying to understand and flesh out a feature request.


Lets say I have 50 parts of lines I want to match.

Repeat 49 times.
I can do that pretty fast. I do not need to even see the end of the curve.

Let’s say I have 50 points I want to match. I then have to drag each end point individually.

(Tom) #6

I have no idea if this helps you, but in case of lots of repetition:

if you know how to use grasshopper, you can use my match curve component to match curves up to g2 at any parameter of a curve:

MatchCrv in gh


If you want to match mutliple curve ends to a point, why don’t you turn on points for all curves, window select the end points and use _SetPt, then click at the destination point ?



I want to match multiple curves to multiple points.


Maybe you should post an image or example file and explain how a script would decide which curves are automatically matched to which points.



You would click on them just as you do with match. Click on the end of a line. [Instead of clicking the end of another line] Click a point.

Similar to the way blendcrv will go to a point (with the option selected).


You might try if this runs on a mac, tested on windows only: MatchCurvesToPoint.py (1.3 KB)