Feature Request: Making Layers Visible

I could die happy if, when I click on the visibility button for a layer that, the layer would become visible even if the parent layer is not visible. I.e., the layer I click and any parent layers would become visible rather than doing nothing.

Hm - it does not really do nothing - it changes the state of the layer visibility - which changes what will happen if the parent is made visible. I suspect it would break workflows if all of the above ones were turned on to accommodate - I don’t know - it’s not a change I’d make lightly, I guess.

For now, you can kind of fake it, I suppose, by making that layer current and then resetting the current layer to what it was - perhaps that is your workaround.


Still two clicks though… and with gazillion of layers you may not necessarily remember what layer was active before you did the workaround - or where that layer was in the sea of choice.