Feature Request: Line Tangent from Curve

The Line Tangent from Curve Command should not attempt to draw lines tangent from a point.

Thus, if there is a point on a curve, the Line Tangent from Curve command should presume that the point marks the location on the curve where the tangent is to be draw; not that the curve should be tangent to the point.

Hello - I’m not sure if this covers what you’re asking but if you snap to a point on a curve to start the line, the FromFirstPoint option should force the start point there.


I get that sometimes but not all the time. Sometimes it locks on to the point. Sometimes it locks on to the curve.

I can generalize this problem. If I have two crossing curves. I can set the Tangent and Near Snap. I then can creep up to the intersection point BUT sometimes it locks on to the crossing curve.

I wish there were some more predictable way to distinguish between the object to draw a tangent from and the object indicating the tangent location.

Dittos for LinePerpendicutar from Curve.

Hello - use the OnCrv one-shot osnap on the initial pick to make sure the right curve is getting the tangent.