[Feature Request] Layout camera location by two points

Is it possible to set camera location in Layouts similar to how it’s done in Autocad, by two corner points instead of how it’s now by center point?

It just makes more sense to be corner points and you draw a “window” of what you want to be visible in the layout viewport instead of having to figure out where the center point should be.

Thanks in advance.

PS: using window zoom doesn’t work properly (as expected), also it ignores osnap settings.

Hi Ivelin -

I’m afraid I don’t understand the issue that you’re trying to solve.
Zoom lets you draw a window to define the extents of what you want to see in the layout viewport:


please, have some model there and:

  1. create bounding box (of the model you want to see in the layout)
  2. zoom window (by using osnap EndPoint) to that bounding box

You will conclude:

  1. The zoom window is bigger than the bounding box
  2. Osnap thingies don’t appear when you try to zoom window

Funnily enough you have this in Print Setup window:


I believe it should be somewhere here, instead:


I see what you mean, but wonder if it makes a difference for details. For details you typically set a certain scale, and the detail window can be cropped/expanded afterward.

too much additional work.

I see a few workflows:

  1. create bounding box for each object you want view of
  2. run command to put a point at the centroid
  3. create layout/detail for that object.
  4. set camera by clicking on the centroid
  5. adjust scale and lock


  1. create bounding box of the object
  2. create layout/detail for that object
  3. zoom to object (command run on the bounding box)
  4. adjust scale and lock

(3) wish

  1. create layout/detail
  2. inside the detail zoom to see complete object and click on set camera by window.
  3. adjust scale and lock

Having the detail resizable is useful after the scale is locked. Of course you should be able to pan after the detail is locked. Two locks, one is total lock and second is just the scale that allows pan. I believe this is how it is in Autocad.