Feature Request: Layer Enabling

I wish that clicking on a layer’s visibility button would turn the layer on regardless of whether the parent layer is turned on.

Preferably, such a click would turn on the parent layers but not any other relative layers.

Would other child layers which were turned on but not visible because the parent layer was off be turned off?

My preference in order would be:

  1. Turn on only the direct ancestors and leave aunt and uncle layers off.

  2. Act as though all parent layers are clicked and turn aunt an uncle layers on.

My guess from a development stand point that #2 would make the most sense but #1 is what seem to want in the moment.

can you clarify this part? As there is no such thing as aunt and uncle layers.

Suppose we have this layer structure:


and you want Layer 01 to be visible, Currently this means that any object that is on parent Default will also become visible and that any objects on Layer 03 will become visible.

So following your request, you would click on the visibility icon of Layer 01 and turn its parent and Layer 03 on? Or would it act like a ‘one child layer on’ and get something like this:


!Great Grandparent Layer
!-----Grandparent Layer
!---------- Parent Layer
!---------------The Reference Layer
!---------------Sibling Layer
!----------Aunt Layer
!----------Uncle Layer
!-----Great Aunt Layer
!-----Great Uncle Layer

So following your example, say Grandparent is off, But Parent, Aunt and Uncle are on (but invisible) and Sibling is set to on (but invisible) and you want stuff on The Reference to be shown. Currently this means:

Parent, Sibling, Aunt and Uncle layers get turned on.

But you want only the Parent, The Reference and Sibling layers to be turned on, correct?
Now the question is, will you want to allow this action to turn the Aunt and Uncle layers off as in the example I posted above? Or how would you differenciate between this temporary state and the current behavior?

My feeling for consistency is you should reenable aunts and uncles that are otherwise enabled to avoid the issue that you are describing.

So what needs to happen if a user just wants to change the layer state between visible and invisible without affecting its parent layers? I’m feeling it will solve one problem and create another, or it would need to be done by holding another key like CTRL/CMD while clicking to invoke that action. What would you suggest?

I think you are correct. That not affecting the parent layers would probably screw something else up.

I think the probably answer is to have some method of clicking on a layer and opening everything up above it that would already be on.

Thanks, I’ve filed your request as RH-71464 Wish: show a layer directly with one click