Feature Request: Improved Shell

With the rise in 3D printing there is a desperate need for shelling that works reliably.

Something like this (Shell, remove bottom, 0.16") really needs to be able to shell.

Problem Shell 2.3dm.zip (243.8 KB)

For 3D printing purpose, such a shell command does not need to be anally precise. However, the resulting output does need to be able to be manipulated with 3D booleans.

I note that the V8 WIP fails here, producing the same bad result.

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I’ve moved this to the Serengeti category so it is seen by the right people.

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Have you tried the new ShrinkWrap command?

Problem Shell.3dm (1.7 MB)

I have just started to play with ShrinkWrap but it does not appear to solve this problems. The two issues I see are:

  1. I need to eventually get something hollowed out like this. I do not see how shrinkwrap accomplishes that.

  2. I need to be able to add be able to do additional work with the object after the basic shelling is complete. In the previous example, I have added a cylindrical reenforcement over a door opening and details that I do not want to complicate the shelling.