Feature Request - Hold/Unhold - Second Lock Command

Hi Everyone, I hope everyone doing well.

I have a feature request/suggestion regarding a new lock command. I tried to explain as best as I can. Please read below and reply what do you think about it if you want.

What is it ?

It is a new command/tool to lock an object.

How is it different than the normal lock command ?

This command maybe called as “Hold” and work exactly as “Lock” command. So in reality there is no difference in the outcome.

Why do we need this ?

When I am modelling, I am locking the objects which I am not using to focus on a specific area. When you are working on this specific area you may want to lock again to work on more focused area. If you use the lock command again and want to unlock again now everything will become unlocked. But in reality I just want to “unhold” that specific piece and keep my locked objects as it is when I started so I can continue to focus on that specific piece.

> How is it gonna work ?
Let’s say you have a short cut for locking objects:
lock object > ctrl + L
unlock object > ctrl + shift + L

And let’s say you have short cuts for “holding” objects
hold object > ctrl +H
unhold object > ctrl + shift + H

You started modelling. Locked (ctrl + L)some area then you started modeling on this specific piece and you wanted to lock again a specific surface lets say. Now you can use the command “Hold” (ctrl + H) to lock that surface. Do your thing and finish your adjustments. Now you can “Unhold” (ctrl + shift + H) the surface and going back to working on your specific model. After you finish just Unlock (ctrl + shift + L) the rest and continue your work.

It is more like a “Lock-ception”. Locking inside of locking. A second layer of locking command. I believe it would be really useful on modeling process. And it would be even better if we can colour code these both commands. (Like we can do right now with Locked object behavior )

Please let me know what do you think.

Thank you.
(PS. if there is such a command please share and I will delete this topic)


Thank you for your reply. I do agree this command can be used as a workaround and solve the matter. I have just tried it. But it feels like there is an extra step which I need to pick and select and if your scene is complex it can be difficult to proceed as well.

Hi -
Also take a look at Isolate and NamedSelections

Thank you for your reply. I know isolate, and it is not exactly the same tbh. I am using them both together but I still feel like I need to go beyond these two level. For named selections, I think I cannot use it with short cut. And I cannot imagine myself to name every piece and step while modelling a huge building or a car.

Hi -

By using the named buckets option in the -Lock command, you could create a few macros and assign those to toolbar buttons or keyboard shortcuts.
For each level that you need, you’d make one to lock a set and one to unlock that set.

For the first level:

-Lock Pause L1 Enter
-Unlock L1 Enter

For the second level:

-Lock Pause L2 Enter
-Unlock L2 Enter

… etc.

Hi @wim , thank you for your detailed answer.
I do understand that there is a kind of workaround to what I asked for but I believe it is not intuitive. Every time to lock second group of objects you need to name that selection. ( please correct me if I’m wrong )
Imagine that you need to create a named selection for everything you want to use the command lock ( which we currently have in rhino ). It would slow things down. I believe having an extra “hold” command would speed up modeling process, and make things easier.

Let me ask you this as well; what do you think having an extra “hold” command ? Can you please imagine having a “hold” command next time you model something ? I believe you will find it useful.

Thanks again for your detailed reply.

Hi -

It doesn’t sound like you’ve tried those macros. The naming is included. It’s a single click on a button or a single command to run with an alias or keyboard shortcut.

Yaep, you are definitely right. Thank you so much! I didn’t know this part of the rhino. I will definitely dive into this. ( I tried before texting though but couldn’t manage tbh, I just realized I misunderstood the process ). If you have any resource to learn these it would be great!

Thank you so much again @wim ! Highly appreciated!