Feature request- highlight object in "manage... collection" window

when there are multiple objects in the manage geometry collection dialogue window, is it possible to make the highlighted item in the window be selected within the rhino viewport?

If I have a collection of objects that I would like to manually cull or rearrange, I am having trouble knowing what’s what.

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With points…
2021-02-10 03_31_27-
… should do the trick for you. Making it easy to know the index of what you want to edit/delete.

With other kind of geometries…I really hope you don’t expect to frequently handle them from “manage collection”. I think that’s not how grasshopper was meant to be used.
Still, if you must do so, I would just use “Populate Geometry” with N=1 and again “Point List”. A generic solution for whatever geometry type.

The highlight thing is a nice idea though.

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I don’t often use the manage geometry method to adjust things. my most recent project is integrating some imported geometry from a step file and it seemed to be the most effective way to select the items I wanted in order.
I use the point list component often to assess point order, but with large numbers of points it can be cumbersome.
I dig the “populate geometry” option, however it still leaves me with some issues if I want to manually reorder the index of a set of things by dragging them in the list window rather than using a function to reorder.

Suppose I want to create an arbitrary order of a set of geometry, I could use select multiple and click in order but if I wanted to select all of a given type and then reorder them visually from within grasshopper, I think it could be an advantageous feature.

thank you for the tips!