FEATURE REQUEST - Generate index from layout name

It would be cool if we were able generate an index of all the layout names that could be placed on the title of page your drawing set. Could be a function of “text fields”

Hi Brady -

Could you provide more details about this feature request? Perhaps a screenshot of such index?
We have an issue tracker to generate a “sheet list” (RH-55064) that I can add more details to.
(I’ve tried to make that YT item public but it refuses…).

Yes, see the lower left hand corner of the image below. Its just a sheet index typically found on the title page of a set of architectural drawings. As I draftsman is just one more of those things that you forget to manually update



Goddamn it lol. Spell check would be a great feature to add as well.

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Thanks, Brady -


I’m sure you have thoughts and expectations about something like this but I would like to get as much as possible stated explicitly.

You would always have 2 columns, and, perhaps, the sheet name in the first column? What gets into the second column? Would all sheets automatically get added to this or is that a manual process or automatic with possible exceptions? Etc…

Two columns is pretty standard - page name/page description or, in architectural terms, sheet number/sheet title. I see now that the “pagename” text fields wouldn’t work for this because it would only return one column.

But yes, some feature that can automatically generate an index that displays two columns (sheet name/number and sheet title) would be the goal.

A custom sorting method is required as well. Some sheet sets like to start with the G series for example.

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