Feature Request Forum: 73 Characters max function

If you type too long you get this msg

Would be cool if you can’t type more than this


That limitation was specifically instituted because some people had a tendency to state their entire problem in the post title - resulting in some titles being hugely long and hard to read.

At what length to cut it off is always a debatable subject… These days with people reading on smartphones and the like, forcing it to be relatively short seems like a good option. Consider it as an exercise in brevity and conciseness… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit - maybe I misunderstood your request - instead of getting an error message you want simply that typing stops at the character limit? Seems reasonable, don’t know how that is implemented and whether this option is available through Discourse.

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Mitch exactly. Don’t want to see the error message or even a character count. Just being unable to type further. Maybe a pop up hint to inform newbies.

OK, got it… @stevebaer I don’t know if it’s still you who is responsible for Discourse related issues at McNeel… Is this something that is possible?

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Thank you @Helvetosaur @stevebaer

I’m sure that we can contact Discourse and have them develop a feature for us that we would have to pay for. The very next day, or month, or…, a user will complain that the title field doesn’t record the typing on the keyboard…
I’m sure we all have a lot more useful things to do…

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Improving improving improving :slight_smile:
Understand @wim

Actually, it works when changing title naming - it will stop at mark 73 and don’t let your write further.

It’s probably a not consistently designed feature. I believe the guys from discourse support would love to hear of that. :slight_smile: