Feature request for Rhino 6 - Aligned dimension from a midpoint

Hi everybody,

Another feature I think Rhino 6 should have is “Aligned dimension from midpoint”.
It’s exactly the same as “Line: From midpoint” works but should end up with a dimension.

Starting from the midpoint:
Getting a dimension:

That would save the user the need to create a line from midpoint and then use “Aligned dimension” to display the dimension.

Best Regards,

Roy Zadok.

Hi Roy, for now, here is a tiny script that does this - give it a try - also, the same script as a plug-in so you can add


as a command rather than use RunPythonScript on the .py file.

Drag and drop the rhp file to load the plug-in (V5, sr9+). Seems to work ok here in a few quick tests.

DimMid.py (457 Bytes)

DimMidpoint.rhp (7 KB)


Thanks @pascal, it’s exactly what I meant, I think it should be built into Rhino 6
I can already see what it looks like :wink:

I was at it… so… here is also a button in a toolbar for those who are interested:

Aligned dimension from midpoint.rui (8.6 KB) (script above is necessary)

This command is so fun to use…


Roy Zadok.

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