Feature request for Force Touch Trackpad

Would it be possible to use the new Force Touch Trackpad feature to open the PopUp Toolbar?


I haven’t personally used the new Force Touch trackpad yet. (I guess I should try it out). Which PopUp toolbar are you referring to?

The toolbar/pallet is called Popup by default (see Windows > Active Tool Pallets) and pop’s up once you hit the middle mouse button - on 3+ button-mice only obviously … One has to set it this way in the mouse settings.

I could very well imagine to have force touch emulate the middle mouse button.

The Popup toolbar is my favorite for accessing all mainly used commands. It is not too far from the Rhino-for-Mac right click menu. But coming from the PC (as probably most of us :wink: the middle mouse button is just burned in my head …

Ah yes, thanks for being specific…I just wanted to be double-sure :wink: I’ve added it to the heap (MR-1934). I still have to get ahold of one of those new Force Touch trackpads.

I was in a airport last week and realized I had forgotten to re-pack the mouse I had removed from my bag to test its batteries.

Small screens and trackpads are not my forte, though I desperately wanted to pass the coast-to-coast time in Rhino. Additionally, the middle mouse button popup is a trusted friend, populated with all my most frequently used commands, and organized logically to me. (Thanks for that feature)

In the 10 minutes I had to try, for the life of me, I could not figure out how to initiate a middle mouse click with that wrenched track pad and Mac Rhino. (Too much “track-padding” makes me nauseous for some reason).

Gave up and bought a $20 airport mouse to add to the pile…

For now I use BetterTouchTool and have set three-finger-tap to trigger middle mouse click (in Rhino only) …