Feature Request For Cast Objects - Thickness Visualization

When casting, the density increases (volumetric shrinkage) during the phase transition from liquid to solid. You have to pay attention to progressive solidification.

A cone shape has a very simple, uniform gradient. The center of the tip solidifies first and the base last. You would place a ‘feeder’ on the cone’s base, which allows the solidification shrinkage to draw in additional material. Placing it on the tip won’t work. The tip freezes first and cuts off the flow. The rest of the body would undergo hot tearing (formation of cracks and voids).

I’d like to be able to set a resolution, or voxel size, and have it measure the distance from each voxel to the nearest surface. The visualization would be normalized, with voxels furthest from a surface being red with an opacity of 1 and those nearest a surface green with an opacity of 0.

The resolution is key. Some materials are very forgiving (‘mushy’ range between liquid and solid) and only need a quick review for problem areas. Others are much less forgiving (the phase transition is binary).

_ThicknessAnalysis does exist, but it’s not exactly the right information and it takes forever to run. This 200k poly mesh has been running for over 30 minutes and I guess I have to wait for it to finish to adjust the scale and run it again? Also, we need to visualize the distance to the nearest surface, not the distance from a surface to the “other side” (normal projection?).

I think Pufferfish has some voxel tools that might help here.

Alternatively… maybe ReduceMesh a bit?

200k triangles isn’t that much. I’d be happy to use a grasshopper solution but that’s a steep learning curve on a maybe.

@pascal Not that it’s an issue for me (because it doesn’t offer any value for visualizing thickness), but it looks like _ThicknessAnalysis is bugged in R7. I remember trying it before in R5, and it did execute in less than a minute. I let the R7 one go for over an hour and it never offered to stop or let me edit the range.

I searched the forum for _ThicknessAnalysis and it’s a mix of the command not working and people recommending to try it to solve this feature request, which it doesn’t.