Feature Request: Font Usage In Layout

I wish there were some way to find all usages of a specific font that are visible in a layout.

I also wish the zoom selected would work in a layout.

I am getting fonts embedded in a large document that should not be there coming from embedded Rhino PDFs.

Hello- SelFontUse may help here.


I am using SelFontUse but, in the layouts, it is apparently finding hidden instances of the font.

I am not able to repeat that here so far.


If I

  1. Create a layer X and have it visible
  2. Put text in it (Say Times New Roman)
  3. Create a Layout Y
  4. In Y, hide X
  5. SetFontUse Times New Roman

It selects the text, even though it is hidden on Y

I was just working on a large file where CAMBRIA was showing up in SelFontUse even though I had never used Cambria. (Uploaded to support)

When I did SelFontUSE CAMBRIA two text strings were selected. Both were in styles using CENTURY SCHOOLBOOK (with no option to reset to the style).

So I changed the styles for both (swapping) and when I selected the text, the object inspector said CENTURY SCHOOLBOOK.

Then I did SetlFontUse and Cambria was back. I selected and the same two boxes were selected and said Cambria.

I deleted one of the text boxes and created another. Using Century Schoolbook. SelFontUse Cambria selected that one.

If I print Layout Page 2, the resulting PDF says there is a text with Century Schoolbook but I sure cannot find that in the layout.

I see a lot of weird stuff with styles.

Problem Style.3dm.zip (18.0 KB)

Here is a simple example that shows the problem on my system at least.

The text box “DECONTAMIN RM” shows up at Cambria when selected.
If I change the style to ROOM NAMES then back to ROOM NAMES SMALL the font shows up at Century Schoolbook.

Now when I select the text box, it says CENTURY SCHOOLBOOK.


and the same text box says CAMBRIA again.

Here is an every simpler one I found in another file.
Problem Font 2.3dm.zip (24.6 KB)

There are two text boxes in Century Schoolbook.

But do SelFontUSE CAMBRIA and both are selected.

Got that, thanks.
RH-65077 SelFontUse: finds hidden text