Feature Request: Fillet Edge

If this is not in Rhino already that I have missed …

If I place two edge fillets with different radii as shown, it would be desirable to have some option where I click at the star and Rhino would automatically taper the fillet radius to join the two sections on either side selected.

It appears to me that currently I have to add a radius at the start, the add handles at the end of the edge to manually specify the taper.


It would be desirable for the UI to have two radii for each edge: start and end (defaulting to the same). That would allow specifying a taper along an edge at the start. Have a FLIP option to reverse the taper.

The drawback of this option is that it contradicts with Rhino’s flexibility to taper within an edge.

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in the command line, choose select edges, this allows you to add a new edge to this chain.
you can then add handles as needed and adjust radii to get what you want.

ideally you’d use the chain edges option and select the whole edge then simply add one radii at one end and another radii at the other end.

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