Feature request : 'F3' to find component that are not currently supported by SD, and not plugin


Would it be possible to give the name of the component(s) that cause the problem, not the plugin. It’s sometimes complicated to find the faulty component in the middle of the ‘noodle soup’ with only the version of the plugin that is not supported.

I use Shapediver on several definitions which include for some of them more than 1700 components, carefully selected among nearly forty plugins. I scrupulously respect the update rate of the plugins in phase with SD and use only the components present and validated on SD. However, sometimes I let a component go that I did not check the validation with SD and to find it, I have to play the little Thumbs… Whereas with the name/nickname as reference, a simple F3 would allow me to save so much time !!!

Thank you for taking into consideration this request for improvement.

You do a great job :wink: !

Thank you for your feedback @julien.chilou, we will consider this feature.

Also, we are going to release a major plugin update soon and ShapeDiver components will give better error messages. I hope this will help you to spot any potential problems in Grasshopper and improve your workflow.

Great !!
Can’t wait to see it :grin:

Thanks for your reply !