Feature Request: Curve Through Point

I suggest changing the behavior in regard to duplicate points. Currently Curve Through Point will not draw a curve if you select duplicate points.

I suggest changing this so that it simply ignores duplicate points.

The current behavior makes it difficult to work with multiple data sets that have identical points (e.g. at their boundaries).

why dont you use SelDup to rid those, or if you need arrays of points specifically grouped then why not preparing that prior trying to fiddle with the points.

I tend to agree with Jim here - that seems like a reasonable thing to do. I do not see any advantage to the current behavior.

meanwhile: CurveThroughPt degree 1, explode and rejoin, then use CurveThroughPolyline.

Because I want to keep the duplicates when they are in different data sets.

yup i thought so, just group them then, or use what i suggested above which could also be done with a macro.