Feature Request: Curtain wall division type "max cell size"

Would be very useful to create clean curtain wall division. Similar to as it functions in Revit (CW ’ Max spacing’ ), it divides the walls into the closest (whole) number below the maximum target panel size.

So it would work just by dividing the CW segments by the max length and then round it down to a whole number.

Currently ’ fixed nr of cells’ is not flexible for different CW lengths and creates non consistent results.
‘Fixed cell size’ creates weird edge conditions with small left over panels etc.

Would be great if this can be implemented!

Thank you,

Hi @florisd, so according to this request, you would not mind using a “fixed cell size” option that would distribute the remaining width on the cells’ width, making them not be strictly the indicated fixed cell width. Is that right? Take into account that you can remove the last division on the edge cells so they are a bit wider than the rest:

In any case, you will be able to create this kind of curtain wall style when curtain walls can be created from GH definitions, expected in version 3.

What do you mean by this? do you have an example?

Sorry if wasn’t too clear - what I intended was that all cells of a curtain wall segment have the same size, so no end trimming since then the ends are different. But different segments or different curtain walls can have a slightly different cellsize to achieve a perfect division of each segment.

In effect it divides the length of each segment of the input curve by the target cellsize and then rounds this number (down). (this is the most simple way to achieve a consistent look for the CW without end-exceptions etc)

Otherwise, making the nr of divisions/cell size an instance parameter of the CW instead of a type parameter could also help for more flexible usage of the curtain walls.

Hopefully that’s more clear, this ‘max cell size’ instead of ‘fixed cell size’ is also how Revit handles curtain walls and could improve the VA functionality in this part I think.


Hi Floris,

You were clear enough! this option is not available now, but we can consider adding it in the feature. But fore sure you will be able to do this kind of distribution when curtain walls can be created from Grasshoppers definitions (Grasshopper styles), expected in VisualARQ 3.

Great thanks - looking forward to VA3,