Feature request: Constraints in Worksessions


Having constraints inside a model is great but having it between models in worksessions, thus giving the ability to create assemblies would be even better.

This way you’ll create the separate models in their respective coordinate systems and when assembled they could be moved, similar to how Bongo2 arranges objects only without the animation part.

Also, it seams worksessions haven’t been touched/upgraded since many releases, this would allow you to create also the API for .net so the community could create other beautiful tools.

This is an interesting idea. As far as I can tell Worksessions were primarily for letting many users work on the same project simultaneously. What’s the advantage of this over working on multiple parts in the same Rhino file?

Yes, exactly.
Simultaneous work on a big assembly while people work on individual parts.
This is what makes Inventor, Solidworks and CATIA so useful and able to work in database-based software architecture.

If you implement TrueSolid + upgradedWorksessions Rhino will be boosted up to their level easy.

Constraints on model (3dm) level inside Worsessions assembly would be similar to “Engineering Connections” in CATIA.

At least for starters expose the Worsessions API to .net. AFAIK there’s nothing in RhinoCommon.