Feature Request: Command + plus/minus for Zoom

#1: Have CMD+ zoom in and CMD- zoom out. I know we have had debate on this but every other Mac application uses this. When going back an forth between Rhino and InDesign/Publisher/whatever to layout Rhino drawings it is frustrating to have different zoom commands.

#2 Have Rhino supply a default file name for exports, possibly incorporating the layout name.

Manually typing in names error prone.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a good reason not to do this. At the very least, we should probably provide Command + plus/minus as options to override in the Settings. If there isn’t some conflict, I imagine the defaults could be set to some zoom factor.

Does that sound about right?


Logged in: RH-82951 Keyboard Shortcuts: Allow Command + plus/minus for Zoom