Feature Request - Change position of user interface boxes


Is it possible to change the default position of the user interface boxes, specifically rs.GetReal and rs.ListBox?

I have three monitors (laptop screen and 2 additional screens) and whilst GetReal pops up on the top of the screen with the active rhino window, ListBox always pops up on the main screen (laptop screen).

I would like these boxes to appear in the center of the rhino window if this is possible.


EDIT: I changed the title to a feature request. After looking around it doesn’t really seem like this is possible. It would be nice to have something like rs.PopupMenu where the position could be set although I think it may be more useful to have it set the position on the screen, not the 3d space. Otherwise, it could be nice if rhino remembered the last position of the box when it was used previously.

Hi Wattzie,

it should (and does) remember the position on screen over here. But i have only one screen to test.If you assign a title to eg a ListBox, open it and move it around to a different location, then close it with OK, is the position remembered next time you open the same ListBox ?

EDIT: I see it working in RhinoScript vb only, for Python it looks like it has been reported as a bug already.


Hi Clement,

Thanks for the help. I am using Python so this is still a problem. It looks like it has been reported but not added to the bug list.

@stevebaer @dale , any chance of getting this bug added to the pile?


Got it.