[Feature Request] Break Line

I’m not sure if others would find this useful, but for me, this feature would be incredibly helpful to have in Gh2, a break line. I imagine it could be turned off by default, but then when you turn it on it could be a vertical line that goes infinitely down the canvas and temporarily deactivates everything on the right side of it. Obviously I could just select all of those components and disable them, but that gets pretty cumbersome when I need to do this many times in many places and it’s additional steps that this break line could reduce. Then there could be a handle at the top of the line/canvas, which you could grab and slide left and right to activate/deactivate portions of your scripts. One big reason why this would be helpful is then I could very quickly debug scripts by activating this break line and dragging it around to find the errors, then fix the errors and move on. This would be for those cases where I am trying to do major changes to an already pretty large script, or if I was looking at someone else’s script (say, in teaching) to quickly figure out what was going wrong. With Gh, I will normally have to copy/paste entire portions of the script to another location, debug, and then once I figure out what is going on and fix it, then I can go back to the main script and fix that one. This is just one example, but I imagine there would be many others.

What do you think?


Hi. Sounds great. Similar to what I posted here

> https://discourse.mcneel.com/t/wish-interface-data-dam/101606