Feature Request: BlendSrf Edits Pre-Selected Blend

This is a small feature request. If a blend is selected prior to running BlendSrf, the command automatically enters edit mode on the selected blend.

Hi Eric - I see the possible value in that, and I can add a wish, but a couple of things come to mind - one is, that is probably unexpected behavior for most Rhino users- since we don’t have many commands that allow editing in this way, there’s not a precedent, and it may be fine to make one, but I think we need to be careful about messing with pre-select behavior - I suspect many users would be mystified- I’d prefer a more general solution like maybe, shooting from the hip here, a context menu entry for Edit on objects that are eligible, something like that. If we add more objects that are editable, in this same way, it might be worth looking into something like that.


Maybe the simplest thing would be to stop clearing _SelPrev so that users can macro their way through it.


I’m not sure about expected behavior. I’m posting this as I continue to train myself not to do it. I keep selecting the blend and calling _BlendSrf the same way I select a srf prior to calling _PointsOn or _ExtractIsoCurve. Commands that clear a pre-selection are outnumbered by those that do.

Hi Eric - Yeah, I just ran into that as well - it seems like it ought to work, I suspect the command clearing the selection (as opposed to the user), which BlendSrf has to do in its normal flow, does not work with SelPrev. I’ll ask…


For example if you select the blend, deselect the blend and then run

! BlendSrf Edit SelPrev

it works. I’m guessing this is because the user and not the command deselected and therefore loaded up the SelPrev.
Which suggests that that this ought to work with a blend preselected,

! SelNone BlendSrf Edit SelPrev

and it does… here.


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That macro works. I didn’t know there was a difference in deselection. This might help me figure out why SelPrev and SelLast are a bit wonky in V6 vs V5.

Thanks, Pascal.