Feature Request: Background Constraint Modelling

Two screencasts from me and the 3rd is a modo video explaining background constraint would be a lifesaver …or at least it saves a lot of time :slight_smile:

thank you

How it should work:

How the current tedious process is in rhino (project curves, duplicate surface, split surface with curves, extrude curves as solids) — as flow along surface is also tedious with first you have to provide:

The Modo Background Constraint Process:

Hi @hannesgrebinwork
As far as I can tell, the Modo constraint is simply the equivalent to Rhino’s Extrude ToBoundary. As far as I can tell from the (somewhat lo-res) video, it doesn’t conform the thermometer shape to the shape of the lid; it merely extends the edge to the surface. I think what you are looking for is having the shape adjust to the curvature of the underlying surface? I’m not quite sure, but here’s a quick video of how I would do this (if I understood you correctly) operation in Rhino, the advantage being that you actually get the correct offset of the curvature of the underlying surface - not just a copy that has been moved out - and you skip the whole step of projecting your curves, as there’s no need for it. But again, from your videos, I’m not quite sure, what it is, you are looking for.
HTH, Jakob

Also there’s @pascal’s ProjectObjects script: How to project pattern on polysurfaces rhino? - #4 by pascal
HTH, Jakob

@Normand thank you for your hands on this. Pascal’s script does not work properly.
so for the sake of no thinking, I would go the route of you or “flow along surface” depending on the task.

What isn’t working for you? Works fine here, and it’s quite a handy script, I think! As you can see, it actually adapts/conforms the shape to the underlying double curvature surface.

HTH, Jakob

Oh, and it projects onto polysurfaces as well!