Feature Request (Add Segments)

a tool to add loops/segments along poly surface would speed up workflow.

(either Add Segments with user input for ‘count’ or option in Loft & Sweeps)

currently, it is a bit tedious to build accordion ducts (for eg., in sample below w/t GH)

Hello - one problem with implementing something like this for surfaces is that the results of such a splitting up would be more or less possible and more or less useful depending on the structure of the surfaces that are being split up. The surfaces that make up your red section could have any number of arrangements internally/structurally. So, it might be possible but I think, off hand, not being one the bigger brains, that it would be very hard to generalize this or make it robust.

On the other hand as SubD becomes more developed in Version 7 and beyond, this type of workflow would fit in very nicely. It is more of a mesh modeling trick, I would say.


thnx @pascal!
actually Sweep command already has the internal mechanism that places
ribs along the sweep (I was just hoping to get those exposed :wink:

Hello - well, yes - I see, at creation time, so to speak, you get some control - I was interpreting your request as a sort of modifier for existing objects. You can make segmented objects if the setup is right… I’ll see if I can make an example.