Feature request: access to layer background color and font color via script

Would it be possible to enable scripts to change the background and font colors of a layer (in the layer panel)? I realize there have been several threads about adding colors to layer management, but I get the feeling that coming up with a system that works for everyone will be tricky. My thinking is perhaps if you open up the possibility for users to change this via plugins/scripts some cool ideas may develop…

The three things I would need:


One would also need the ability to register a call-back function that gets called when a user makes a change to layers (layer name change, new layer, layer moved to somewhere else on the tree, etc…) so that the plugin gets a chance to modify the color based on the name of the layer, or its position in the “tree”.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy.



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Hi @piroshki,

some changes like layer rename, add and remove layer, layer sort etc. are accessable by listening to Rhino.RhinoDoc.LayerTableEvent event.

+1 for the other wishes to set custom layer text and background colors.