FBX Import origin offset


I have recently started using Rhino (5.0) as a surface modeling tool. The process currently includes conceptual models which I receive as .fbx or .obj. When I import .fbx files into Rhino they are placed off center, while the same model imported from .obj ends up being centered. If i import the same .fbx into other software, such as Fusion 360, it is centered and I can from there export an obj and use it in Rhino, so there does not seem to be anything inherently wrong in the input data from what I can tell. The main thing is that the models will need to be symmetric around the centerline, and as such it would be much preferable if the model centerplane could line up with the YZ-plane without having to resort to workarounds. Has anyone noticed this behaviour, are there any workarounds or am I just going at this the wrong way?

Hi Sebastian - can you please send one of these fbx and, if possible a corresponding obj, to us at tech@mcneel.com?