FBX Export with Origin, Unexpected Origin Position

I’ve been making good use of the Rhino FBX exporter lately!

Unfortunately, when I export with a custom origin and Z-Axis remapping, the exported FBX origin tends to end up in an unexpected place. In the above picture, I exported with the highlighted point, and imported the file afterwards. Appears in a similar place in other programs. I would anticipate the mesh to appear at the highlighted position drawn. Is this a bug?

Sad, that you didn’t receive any response.
I just ran into the same problem and I doubt it should work like this.

Export with origin to .3dm does what it should.
Export with origin to fbx (Map Rhino Z to FBX Y - unchecked) does what is expected.
Export with origin to fbx (Map Rhino Z to FBX Y - checked) doesn’t seem to do what is expected.

Expected behavior IMO would be, and can be achieved this way:

  1. Export with origin to 3dm
  2. Reimport 3dm
  3. Export reimported geometry to FBX (Map Rhino Z to FBX Y - checked)
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I see this, thanks.

RH-62966 ExportwithOrigin fbx incorrect