Fbx camera import does not work

What would be the workflow to import a camera from fbx file in Rhino.
In the fbx import dialog box Import cameras is checked but no cameras are imported.

I am trying to do the following. I have a reconstructed mesh with cameras from Meshroom in an Alembic abc file. I want to get the camera positions in Revit. so my idea is as follows:
Alembic file → Blender → fbx export → Rhino → scale&align the mesh and cameras to real-world dimensions → Reconstruct the camera position and target through RiR - > Render matched perspective with Vray → Have a beer. :slight_smile:
You can find the files here: sfm.zip - Google Drive

Currently I am stuck at geting the Cameras with mesh in Rhino somehow.
Rhino Version 7 SR21 (7.21.22208.13001, 2022-07-27)
Blender 3.1.2
Meshroom 2021.1.0

I only see an obj file in the archive file you shared.

It looks fine to me. Let me reupload it and I will add fbx variant as well.

I see a bunch of cameras imported, do you know the name if the camera you are looking for?

I am not interested in a specific one. How did you import it so I can replicate?

On n-th time it worked… no idea what was the issue.

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The plot thicknes… So if you go File->Open->import cameras checked → no cameras imported. If you go File ->Import->import cameras checked → cameras are getting imported.
At first glance they look alright - just the focal length gets messed up. But further inspecting them it turns out all of them have target 0,0,0, which is not true. I cannot confirm if the positions are messed up as well, but the target and focal lenght are definetly wrong.
Please advise…